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Brand Nudge is a market intelligence platform and team which helps brand owners grow faster online.

Our proprietary technology supports hundreds of brands across 13 countries and has the capability to ensure you always know how to navigate and how to win in the complex world of online retailing. The team at Brand Nudge will be with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your business' strategic goals.



Munich-based commercetools is a technology disruptor delivering an industry-leading eCommerce SaaS solution. Today, some of the world’s most iconic brands trust commercetools to enable their digital customer experiences. As the visionaries leading the modern MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) architecture movement, commercetools gives companies the agility to innovate and iterate on the fly, merge on and off-line channels, drive revenue and future-proof their business.


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Accelerating eCommerce for Multichannel Brands.

MikMak provides eCommerce marketing analytics and eCommerce enablement software to accelerate online sales for brands.



Profitero is a leading global SaaS commerce platform that uses predictive intelligence to help brands anticipate, activate and automate their next best action to fuel profitable growth. Danone, General Mills, Kraft Heinz and more than 4,000 other brands use its technology to optimise search placement, product content, pricing, stock availability, reviews and more, across 700 retailers and 50 countries. To learn more, visit


PRS IN VIVO offers insight & consultancy, grounded in behavioural science, to accurately understand, predict & influence consumer choice.

We help clients succeed through the passion & engagement of our team, our constant pursuit of best-in-class expertise & our trusted, proven, innovative & agile solutions.

We offer a range of services built around 3 core pillars of packaging, new product and shopper, and work in close collaboration with our sister company, BVA Nudge Consulting, on broader behaviour change initiatives.



We at Shalion, make growth simple for global brands looking to win the lion’s share in eCommerce. We go beyond traditional Digital Shelf analytics, with our integrated solution we also help our clients measure the success of their eRetail Media campaigns by monitoring their Ads, Search results (organic or paid) and promotional activity across the top retailer worldwide. Our flexibility and experienced team allow us to adapt fast to the evolving landscape and that’s why we are proud to say we launch new features every month, like our innovative solutions to monitor Q-Commerce Apps and Amazon Market ShareLet’s talk about how we can empower you too to boost your brand’s eCommerce growth. As simple as that, as simple as data.



Shepper was founded in 2016 and continues to grow as the UK’s leading on-demand data and insight service. Shepper delivers hyper-detailed real-time data collection, through a local and diverse community of vetted and trained collectors and members, known as the Shepherds.

Its purpose has always been to help the community take care of its assets in the smartest way possible. Thanks to its global network of Shepherds and cutting-edge technology, whatever needs checking, wherever it is, Shepper takes care of it.